Museum What & Who

Most Wanted

The Official Policy Says:

The Stanhope Heritage Discovery Museum will collect those objects made and/or used in Stanhope Township, including the hamlets of Carnarvon and Hindon Hill:

  • that are associated with (or representative of) a person, place or event in the area;
  • are historical, cultural or aesthetic in nature;
  • that cover the period from the arrival of the first Native Peoples in the area to present;
  • for which the Museum can care under standards acceptable to the museum field at large.

What It Means:

Things that represent the way life used to be here.

This Includes:

Brochures, flyers, posters, photos
Local Newspapers:
Only prior to 1979 (we have the others)
Letterheads, advertisements, account books, photos…
Tools, photos, stories, account books, machinery, pay receipts, notices …
“Scenic Hwy. 35”
Ads, posters, contests, photos, memberships…
Blacksmithing, woodworking, logging…
People, places, buildings, barns, farms, scenics, businesses, identifiable lake scenes … anything that shows us what it used to be like in Stanhope!
Church and Education:
Photos, record books, attendance lists, prizes, awards, commemorative plates, slates, pencil boxes, furniture … you get the idea.
Hawk Lake Log Chute:
Photos, stories, maps, plans, including Government House …
Brochures, guest registers, menus, postcards, photos …
Family Trees:
A copy of your family tree if it traces your roots back to original settlers or long-time residents.