Museum What & Who

How to Donate

1. Please make sure no one in the family wants it. When doing this, remember that just because the museum may want it, doesn’t mean it’s worth money. It may be significant but not valuable.

2. Don’t “clean it up” for us. Original is better.

3. Call us to make arrangement to see the item(s). You may call the township office at 489-2379 or Carol Moffatt at 489-3554.

4. It’s helpful to have some idea what it is that you have when we call.

5. We will make an appointment to come to look at the item(s).

6. If the item fits our collection policy we will take it to the Board of Directors for approval; you will receive a Temporary Receipt that verifies we have taken the item for inspection. How the board makes a decision

7. If the Board does not approve the item, it will be returned to you, with thanks. For examples of why we sometimes say ‘No thanks”,

8. If the Board does approve the item, you will be asked to sign a Gift Agreement and the item becomes the property of the Museum – with thanks!

Download our donation form here