Hawk Lake Log Chute

The Restoration

The Hawk Lake Log Chute was originally built in 1861 and has been continuously repaired, extended and otherwise maintained ever since.

In 1999 the chute was declared a designated historical site by municipal council and a full-fledged fund raising and restoration effort was undertaken.

The project received $50,000 from a joint Federal and Provincial funding program, and the remainder of the $140,000 came from public donations of cash and in-kind services.

The overall project included rebuilding the chute and developing a park, a picnic area, a public toilet, and an interpretive pavillion.

A walking trail was also developed, in partnership with the Haliburton Highlands Trails and Tours Network.

The new chute was completed by 9 men in 9 days in the spring of 2005. Blueprints from a 1947 reconstruction of the same chute were used to ensure accuracy.

Detailed online photo galleries illustrate the history of the chute, the new construction, and a fabulous series of Before + After comparisons.